1. riverdogg

    Hi Sam, thanks for writing your post on what are the best sleeping pills and why they are the best. I learned a lot of new information especially from your natural and home remedies for insomnia. I have been taking two Trazodone pills every night for the past year or two because of severe insomnia related to social anxiety and depression. I was hoping you could suggest to me where I might start with over-the-counter products to help me sleep? Thank you I really appreciate your guidance.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi there!

      Trozadone is an antidepressant that also helps with anxiety and insomnia. I would keep taking it for now, but start changing the background too.

      Have a look at my post on https://samsavageonline.com/b-… its discusses how B Vitamin helps with depression. Also, seriously look at Vitamin D in large doses.  I was amazed when I read the recent research.  It really makes a massive difference.

      The thing is that the vitamins and mineral supplements won’t interfere with what your antidepressant is doing, but it will greatly enhance its action.  Once you feel good enough, you can slowly reduce your need for the Trozadone.

      Hope you get to feel better fast!


  2. Rodarrick

    I agree with you on this submission that a lot of people rely on dangerous pills to get good sleeps. In most cases, they end up affecting their selves rather than cure the sleeping deficiency they have. This is really a thoughtful one from you here. I believe that if we all channel our efforts into making out time for adequate exercises and vitamins, just as you have mentioned, we would not be in any form of difficulty or problems when it comes to sleeping

    • Sam Savage

      Hi Rodarick

      I agree that we need exercise and vitamins, but some people would still struggle to sleep. If it were always simple, we wouldn’t need to think about it. 

      Thanjs so much for your comment! 


  3. Son

    I’ve tried both OTC antihistamines and melatonin and they both have their pros and cons. With the OTC drugs you’ll really “feel” that something is happening to your body, you will feel very drowsy and have a strong sense of altered state of consciousness. With melatonin the effects are more mild in comparison, but it definitely works too. Overall I prefer melatonin because it gives you a good night of sleep that feels more natural, whereas OTC drugs have this hangover feel that makes me tired in the morning.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi there

      I agree.  The melatonin I think is also better for you in the long term.  Have a look at adding Vitamin D, as it enhances the action of the melatonin.  Good stuff that doesn’t cause issues later.

  4. Bella

    Thank you for sharing this here. Sleeping soundly and peacefully has become one of the biggest problems that this generation faces. At one point or the other, we all suffer with our sleeping. However, taking benzo or z-drugs would only worsen the situations. Exercises cannot be overlooked in any form as it helps to make our life better and more active. Good one here and i t is worth sharing

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