1. Rodarrick

    I really like the effort inputted to this research  used in writing this post. Surely you have got a long list of a lot of products here and all are essential supplements in line to making our life better by conquering the urge for alcohol. This is really massive and thanks so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these

  2. Digger82

    Hi, I found your post on supplements to help with stopping drinking. I often have a hard time saying no to a stiff whiskey but I know it is not healthy for me at all (especially since I have heartburn a lot). I get social anxiety real bad and drink to feel less anxious, if that makes sense and I’m hoping you could tell me which supplement would both help me stop drinking and curb my social anxiety? Thank you

    • Sam Savage

      Hey there and thanks for the note.

      B Complex has a great influence on anxiety, as does Glutamine and Omega 3. I would certainly look at those. In my books page there is also a great book which can really help you. 

      Love and light


  3. KingAndrea

    An average adult battles the addiction of alcohol or let me say almost every adults because in the recent survey i did with my team, we discovered that alcohol is one of the 5 best selling commodities around the world. It’s very nice that you have this natural means for curbing the cravings for alcohol. I actually don’t drink but I have a couple of friends who’d need this.

  4. Nimrodngy

    Thanks for summarizing such an amazing content about this natural supplements.

    I didn’t know that it exist this kind of supplements who can help you to don’t feel the necessity to drink alcohol. 

    It seems that vitamin C has multiple properties. Not only that it offer strengthon your immunity but also helps you in the problem with alcohol.I would like to buy this product from my father who has been dealing with this problem for several years. He has a mini-addiction but I would like to avoid something worse. The price of $20 is very cheap and I think every person who wants to help himself of someone, is worth a try.

    Thanks and best wishes. 

    • Sam Savage

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Feel free to buy the product, and also have a look at my books page for a great book on getting over this problem

      Love and light 


  5. Katja

    Wow, that was an eye opening article! I never thought that supplements may curb alcohol cravings, but now it makes sense! I am glad that I have already incorporated Vitamic C and Omega 3 into my daily health routine. After reading your recommendations, I will think about adding Digestive enzymes and L-Glutamine, too!

  6. Shelley

    Very interesting post you have here. The topic you have addressed this post to is really immense and worthy. Alcohol addiction is one battle that this generation is really finding very difficult to conquer. But then, using and strictly adhering to your recommendation here can prove to be the difference. I like how sequentially you have blended each of the supplements to fits in to the context of need. Thoughtful of you

  7. Wildecoll

    What you’ve said about vitamin C that it helps crave less and heal faster is very true, I’ve read about it some years back and I know it’s very effective. It’s always easy to get addicted to things, most especially alcohol but whenever it comes to tackling it’s craving, people don’t know how to go about it, thank you for recommending these supplements, they’ll be of great help to so many people.

  8. Abul Basher

    Hi Sam Savage, thank you very much for publishing a great and informative article about “Supplements Curb Alcohol Cravings”. By reading your article, I have been introduced with some useful products. I have a little question about Deva Vegan Omega-3 DHA. is there any side effect of it? Finally, I hope you will write more useful article in future.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi there

      I’ve checked the Deva supplements quite well and no side effects are reported. 

      Great thing is that it is one of the very few omega 3 vegan products that actually work. 

      The seed and nut ones don’t help your body as much as the seaweed. 

  9. Douglas

    I have always known that drinking can be an issue for many people.  Who doesn’t know someone that drinks to much or who has gone and tried to get sober.  I think if they have a great support group behind them it will also help them.  As far as the supplements I was wondering if there are any proven studies that say these together will work well.  I never would have thought that adding these to your daily lives would help to curb your drinking issues.  I have a couple family members who have had drinking problems and have gone with the AA route going to weekly meetings and all.  They have found it to be very successful.  Just wondering if adding the supplements would help the body in a faster way to kick that habit out and start a new journey without the alcohol.  Great posts I did go read the other post you mentioned and learned a lot about alcohol and its poison.  Thank you again.


    • Sam Savage

      Thanks Douglas

      Every single statement in the articles are supported by research, but if you want the whole recipe, best place is to look at my books page. The first book there has the total combination for your best chances, and it’s way more than I talk about. 

      The vitamins and minerals support one another too. 

      Love and light 


  10. arzu hosan

    First of all, thank you so much for such a beautiful article, Alcohol is a catastrophic disaster in people’s lives. I think we should all skip Alcohol. Anyone who is addicted to alcohol needs treatment. By reading your article I have learned about many remedies syrup and they are very effective. I would specifically request that you use Sundown Naturals Vitamin C. A friend of mine once became addicted to alcohol. And she used it when she was very ill. 

  11. Roslinecar

    Thanks for yet another another wonderful article, many people are still not aware of the fact that natural remedies are still out there that are very effective and available at their door steps. Alcohol, drugs and other stimulants holds 75% of addiction, this makes it really alarming, this applies to both sex, also vitamin C is a vital agent here, thanks for explaining better. 

    • Sam Savage

      Thanks so much!

      It frustrates me that this research is out there, but hardly any treatment centre’s suggest it. 

      Massively appreciate the support. 


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