How to Best Cure Depression – Can it be done?

Depression does not have to be forever. If you manage the condition from all angles, it can be overcome. Over the years I have often been told that major depression is incurable, and that once you’ve had your second episode, that’s that. Obviously I disagree. In this article, I attempt to create a list of actions you can take to best cure depression.

First it’s important to note that major depression is not just low mood for a few days.

How do you know if you have major depression?

This link will show you my page with the criteria used by medical professionals to determine whether you need treatment for depression.

OK, yes, I’m depressed, now can it end please?

Recovery from depression is unfortunately not yet a simple process. Your chance of recovery depends on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to your age, physical health, whether you can access therapy, how you react to medication, your stress levels and more

This page is my process to try to make a little more sense of it all, and advise people on what you can do on your own to improve matters.

Once you’ve confirmed that depression is the problem, what is one to do?

1. Take charge of your journey

If you’ve never had depression this might sound obvious, but when one feels as if you are under water most of the day, it can be extremely difficult to actually take the action needed to feel better. Depression is very much a physical condition, so it takes immense willpower to get yourself into any action.


* Break actions down into steps: E.g. when you need to call the doctor/therapist:

  1. FOCUS!
  2. Find the phone
  3. Find the number
  4. Press dial, and don’t hang up
  5. Say “it is Sam, I’m depressed, can I please have an urgent appointment?”
  6. Write the time and date where you’ll see it.
  7. Congratulate yourself!


2. Make that appointment with a proffessional

Depression serious and debilitating. If you can access professional help at all, it is a really good idea. There are many therapies that have a positive effect including CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Psychoanalysis, Interpersonal Therapy and many more. Feel free to ask your therapist which type of therapy they practice, so that you can take an active part in your healing process.

Certain professionals, like medical doctors and psychiatrists can prescribe anti-depressant medication. The modern anti-depressants are called SSRI’s and help your body to have enough of the right chemicals around to feel better. They can take 3 to 6 weeks to work, so if you go this route, don’t just stop if you don’t feel better after 2 weeks.

There are also certain herbal medications, like St John’s Wort, that have anti-depressant qualities. If you are taking prescription medications for other conditions however, check with your doctor  first, before self prescribing St Johns wort, as it can have serious interactions with other meds.

While you’re looking at medication, also check the side-effects of any chronic medication you might be on, as that could be the root cause of your depression. Your doctor can often adjust your treatment in that case.

3. Have a serous look at what you’re eating

Allergies can seriously contribute to depression, so consider checking your allergies to gluten(bread, past etc) and dairy for starters. Go without them for a few days and check if there’s any improvement. In my own case stopping gluten made a massive difference in my life.

On these pages, I have shared alot of information about good foods and supplements that really make a difference.

There are also a lot of supplements that really help with depression, such as the various B vitamins, vitamin C, Omega 3, Probiotics, amino acids and more.  I discuss these on various pages too .

4. Get some excercise

Walking can clear your head

No, I’m not kidding! I know you might just want to lie on a heap and melt, but physical exercise helps your body release endorphins. They are feel good hormones that will improve your mood. Sustained exercise also helps to stimulate nerve endings to grow, so that we can absorb the right combination of chemicals to feel good again.

If you can’t face formal exercise, try to climb some stairs, go for a walk, or jump up and down on the same spot.

If even that’s too much, start by shaking and flicking your fingers, or doing some simple stretches.

Just DO something. And of course, congratulate yourself when you’re done!

So what am I saying?

How do we best cure depression? All of the above.

Taking care of your diet, your body, your exercise regime, your therapy, your sleep and ultimately your sanity is the only holistic way to address this problem, and yes.  It can work.

After 15 years long personal struggle, I have finally found what I call my “Happiness Recipe”. Some people find it quickly, and others take a lifetime, or sadly, some end their own lives before they find the answer.

When you are depressed, it’s physically impossible to see reality for what it is.  Every problem seems insurmountable, it feels as if everyone is fighting with you, and no one sees your worth.  It is utterly unfair to our loved ones, and just as unfair to us.

What is my best cure for depression?

It took me many years to realize that my perception was actually influenced by my illness.  I just couldn’t imagine that people didn’t mean to insult me, or didn’t like me.  Reality, when I reached it, is like breathing for the first time, like coming up from under water.  It was a long journey, but utterly worth the reward.  My greatest help came from a book called Depression Free Naturally, 7 Weeks to eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue and Anger from your Life

(which you can access on my book page too)

To give you an idea, my recipe includes:

  • No gluten
  • The right healthy diet
  • Vitamins and other supplements
  • Omega 3 supplements
  • Pro-biotic powder
  • Pilates twice a week and walking every day
  • A healthy sleeping environment
  • Being off the pill

And I promise that’s not all of it. However, for the past year, I haven’t had to take antidepressants, and I haven’t had a depressive episode for 2 years.

I laugh most days, and I generally feel happy.

I know it’s just anecdotal, not proof of anything. But if this post can help one other person find their way out, it’s all worth it.

For more information on the vitamins and minerals that can make a massive difference have a look at these pages:

Supplements for mental wellness

Please feel free to comment below, or email me at if you need more information.


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  1. Sandikazi Scwebu

    It’s exciting to hear a story of somebody who have overcome depression.  It is a struggle, but one can overcome depression.  Diet, exercise, and meditation are the best ways to fight depression.  Most important thing, which many people avoid, is getting treatment from a professional psychiatrist, even if it means getting admitted in a psychiatric clinic or hospital.  I say this because depression can be triggered by many things, some of those things can be medical, which means you have to be diagnosed and treated by a professional.

    • admin

      Hi Sandikazi

      Yes, it’s true that professional help is important.  I’m realizing through my research though, that supplementation with vitamins etc have a massive effect too, so its essential that people use all the tactics at the same time.  

      Thankyou so much for your message, and have a great day.


  2. Jessie

    Thank you so much for this post!  I studied psychology in college, and have suffered with mental health issues since a teenager.  It’s so important to go to a professional when you are dealing with this.  I’m happy you put that in there because some people think that it can be completely dealt with without a professional.  I guess it may be possible, but the journey is so much easier when you reach out to someone for help.

    • admin

      Hi Jessie

      I agree.  It does concern me though, that so few professionals suggest the use of alternative treatments like Vitamin supplements WITH the other treatments.  We are whole beings after all, and all aspects of our bodies should matter.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Have a great day.


  3. Abagatan

    Reading your article on “How do you know if you have depression”, I would say that I have never into that situation. Although there were times of sleeplessness and uneasiness, and irritability. 

    I’ve known somebody who has gone depression and as if she was in another world because of hallucination. She went on with doctor’s guidance.

    I agree with your four steps to do more particularly on the last two, the diet and exercise. Allergies can really aggravate depression because sometimes it will deprive you of sleep and rest. When we lack sleep and are mentally disturbed it will aggravate depression.

    Thanks for this article, I’m sure this will help many because it will serve as a reminder to whoever reads it.

  4. EVA

    Hi Sam! Thank you for your article about how to best cure depression. In my opinion we all have a bit of depression at different level. Don’t you think so? I like the steps you suggested , there are clear and easy to follow. I think it’s a must do for everybody to be healthy. Thank you ! 

    • admin

      Yes. We all get it a little sometimes. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between feeling down for a day or two, and having the physical condition that can be treated medacally.

      Stay blessed. 


  5. I do think I have depression when my business failed and left with huge debts. I once thought I should end my life so that the debts will end with me and I am afraid to tell my wife about our situation because I am afraid of divorce. I took up the courage to tell her and lucky enough she accepted it and willing to work with me to settle the debts. I think one of the ways to overcome depression is to talk to someone, especially those you think they will not understand you and those you feel you disappoint them. You will feel relieved as your expectation and your reality are not the same. Thanks for the article, now I know I can do exercise and a lot more.

    • Thanks so much for being open Jonathan. Stress can cause us to become really depressed, and once we’re in that head space we often can’t see other options. I’m glad you could speak to your wife. It helps a lot to speak to someone so that we can share the burden, but also because they sometimes see things that we don’t notice.
      If you’re living quite a stressed life, its a really good idea to get yourself some B complex vitamins. You’ll notice within a day or two how much they help.
      I wish you all the best with your fantastic guitar business!
      All the best

  6. arzu hosan

    First of all, thank you so much for such a beautiful article. It’s energizing to hear an account of someone who have defeated sadness. It is a battle, however one can conquer melancholy. Diet, exercise, and reflection are the most ideal approaches to battle gloom. Most significant thing, which numerous individuals keep away from, is getting treatment from an expert therapist, regardless of whether it implies getting conceded in a mental facility or emergency clinic. I state this since gloom can be activated by numerous things, a portion of those things can be medicinal, which implies you must be analyzed and treated by an expert.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi Arzu

      Thanks for the response. As depression is a physical disease, we know we can Massively improve it with the right vitamins etc. Treatment by a professional is part of it, but they often forget the physical issues. We can do that ourselves though. 

  7. Henderson

    Wow, I wasn’t thinking that I would see so much information here on how to deal with depression. This is a very good one with information made of gold. I like it and I because I am going to share this with a friend who has been going through a very hard time for a while now. I am sure this will be of help to her. Thank you so much for lending your knowledge here.

    • Sam Savage

      Thanks for reading!

      And I really hope we can help your friend. There are lots of other helpful articles on the rest of the page which they can also access. 

  8. JonLYF

    Hey, thanks for your article. I used to have depression too. When my business failed, I thought of ending my life because I do not know how to face my family and wife with the huge debts I left behind. I am literally not able to sleep well and waking up with sweaty palms. At first, I try to keep it to myself until one day I couldn’t take it anymore, I confess to my wife about my situation, instead of blaming me she willing to work together with me to repay the debts. Knowing that my wife can accept me makes a huge difference.  I feel like a huge rock has been removed from my shoulders. Even thou the problems still there but the worst scenario, we will be bankrupt together. 

    I believe when someone is in depression, it is important to have someone you can trust to talk to.

    Thanks for your article.

    • Sam Savage

      Hey Jon

      Good to hear from you. You’re right. Telling someone else how you feel makes a big difference and helps us to see our solutions. 

  9. KingAndrea

    With no doubt, depression affects most people now even without them being aware of this fact and that’s a very dangerous situations for them to be in. Its been researched that there are means of tackling depression, both natural and medicinal means through supplements. As you’ve said that it is dependent on some major aspect that you’ve mentioned. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  10. Carmen

    I read that throughout life, every person suffers from depression two or three times. Lighter or more serious shapes. It is extremely important to raise awareness, the help of close friends, the help of a specialist. But in the end, alone you will manage to overcome it. Thanks for a great article.

    • Sam Savage

      Thanks Carmen

      Yes, lots of us experience depression. It is the most prevalent disease in the world right now, and researchers have found that vitamins and supplements are just as effective as therapy, so we have to look at that too. 

  11. Henderson

    Thanks for sharing your own personal recipe to help deal with depression. I find this very good that I will be able to deal with the little depression that I face often. Sometimes I just wakeup with a bad mood and I tend to think about many of the bad phases that I am going through and this eventually results in me being depressed. I will try your tips here especially exer

    • Sam Savage

      Hey there

      Please do try them. Sometimes we make light of our emotions, but we don’t realize that feeling bad is caused by our bodies and not life events. Good luck! 

  12. Jill

    Hi, Incredible article and congratulations to you for overcoming the real depression.  For people who don’t suffer severe depression it is so difficult to understand and have empathy.

    I lost a dear friend to severe depression and it hurts to lose someone close when I can’t really understand the state of mind.  I am so grateful for the 20 odd years we had together as friends.  So sad, yet I know the condition is very real and particularly difficult to deal with.

    Thanks for helping me understand a little more.  Heartfelt greetings, Jill

    • Sam Savage

      Thanks Jill. I’m sorry about your friend.

      If you do meet others with the same problem, please send them along. The condition can be cured if we start seeing it as physical. 

  13. PeterMinea

    Hello Sam!

    Depression is one of the major plagues of our days, and healing from it often requires strenuous work, patience, and much care. And sometimes even finding a professional therapist may be very difficult (especially if the depressive person is afraid of making contact with other people); besides, the therapist should be really prepared to understand the patient’s needs and suffering, so that together they can discuss and search for solutions.

    Food, sleep and physical exercises are also important… In my opinion, giving up gluten is not that easy. There are so many products containing this substance, and as for myself I like eating a lot of bread.

    In my opinion, another good way for overcoming Depression may be when interacting with new people, knowing them and getting known by them too, thus replacing loneliness and isolation somehow. Social isolation is also a determining factor for depressions, and it may feel like a hell on earth (this is by experience, I am a lonely guy).

    It seems like we people need each other; persons with depression must also dare for a change, because the fear of the unknown also risks to stop them from doing what’s necessary.

    You are doing well by writing helpful information by experience, for other people who are depressed.

    Wish you lots of health, and never face depression again!


    • Sam Savage

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for the message. 

      Its important also to realize that one of the symptoms of depression is often isolating yourself. We feel unable to talk to others or socialize. Sometimes fatigue keeps us in bed too. 

      The way of using supplements helps us to have more energy and the ability to socialize more. 

      Have a great day. 


  14. Roslinecar

    Stress is very great determinant to depression, no matter how much medications and therapy you go for, if your level of stress is not reduces greatly, it’ll make everything futile and nonproductive. It’s very possible to cure depression but as you’ve said earlier, it is a very hard and tasking thing to do. It’s lovely to have this kind of information, it’ll direct you to the right path to help you take care of depression.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi there

      Stress is one of many factors that can make depression, and especially anxiety worse.  The level of stress experienced becomes less when the person starts taking B complex, Vitamin C, and Amino acids, because the body does not feel so stressed any more and people feel that they can relax better.  The supplements also improve the absorption of the necessary precursors for GABA and other amino acids that regulate depression.

      Love an light


  15. Wildecoll

    How to best cure depression is a very valid topic in our present society, it’s been said that there are many things that can cause depression, one major one that is so common is frustration and stress that comes from working, almost every adults work under this condition. There are cures for depression like therapy, medical supplements and stress reduction means too. I’ll really like to recommend the natural remedies, not disputing the fact that others are good too, but that it helps solve it better.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi there

      Despite all those factors making depression worse, it is caused by the body being unable to provide the right nutrients to a stressed system to be able to experience pleasure.  Be that through dopamine, serotonin, GABA regulation and many more.  We need to start realizing that talk therapy cannot fix a physical problem, it is therefore only about 50% successful for most depressives.  

  16. Feji ben

    Hell there,I must say a big YES it can be done,There are many ways to counter some of the symptoms of depression that don’t involve prescription medications. If you have depression and would like to try handling it without drugs, or if you’d like to supplement your antidepressant with other tactics like the ones which this article have listed………thanks a lot for sharing I know it would help a lot of people.

  17. Michel

    Some really sound advice to help depression here, and I was very surprised to read that diet has so much to do with it all. I guess eating well can go a long way to helping one feel better.

    Exercise also helps a lot, but the problem is that when one is depressed, you don’t feel up to dragging yourself up and out of bed to do this. Are there any tips to make this process easier for people? My Mom suffered from depression, and when she was depressed, it was virtually impossible to get her out of bed.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi Michel

      Im sorry your Mom had to deal with this. 

      The first physical activity your Mom can do is to stretch. While you lie in bed, stretch your arms as wide as you can and breathe deeply and slowly. Stretch your arms across your body, next, rotate your feet 10 times in each direction. Shake your hands and kick your feet. Lastly twist your knees one way and your shoulders the opposite way. 

      Its a really good idea to learn some yoga stretches while one is not in that deep depression, so that you can use them when you feel really bad. 

      I hope this helps! 

  18. Feochadan

    I have suffered from chronic anxiety and depression for years now. Sometimes it’s just hard to even get out of bed and I have in the past spend even a week in bed not being able to do anything. You are very right and what you say about diet and exercise making a huge difference. In the absence of therapy, which is very difficult to get in my area, I have been using mindfulness apps and they seem to help quite a lot if you follow what they say. I’m definitely going to read that book that you recommended. Thank you!

    • Sam Savage

      Hey there!

      Thanks so much for your message. I think I should add mindfulness to the article. It’s really helpful. I can’t suggest more strongly that you try the Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, omega 3 and amino acids. The book goes into detail, but you can start those immediately. They help quite quickly too. You can buy them via my site, or at a local store. Just have a look at my article on B Vitamins first, so you see what the mix should be. 

      Best if luck! 

  19. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Depression is something that can completely end people’s lives .I myself also suffer from mental problems and I think this is a war and anyone can win by using proper tactics. Exercise regularly as well as diet can help solve mental problems by keeping yourself healthy and not getting enough sleep to win this battle. I think of travel as a way to get out of depression, and by traveling I am able to get out of that moment and live a normal life. Depression is a part of life. It will remain but it does not last a lifetime .Depression has a huge impact on our mental health, and I think through your article everyone will find the best way to get rid of depression and share their new experiences with you.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi Shanta

      Sorry to hear you also have depression. Please read my articles on vitamins and supplements, it can make a big difference. 

      Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. 

  20. Alexa

    Depression is a common mental illness in modern people. Especially young people are more common. With the development of science and technology. Everyone looks for themselves online. But I forgot to go outside. Look at the good things around. Gradually away from relatives and friends around. As a result, I feel more and more depressed. Thank you for sharing the article on depression. Especially maintaining exercise is very important. Have proper physical activity. Can increase enkephalin in our body. Improve stress resistance. We can also interact more with friends. Express your emotions. Avoid waiting until the mood collapses. This time is too late. Thank you for sharing. I think this is very important for modern people.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi Alexa

      It sounds as if you are struggling? Please remember that depression is a physical condition. You say that you are isolating yourself. Its possibly because you feel lonely even with other people. 

      That feeling of loneliness is the depression talking. Exercise helps a little, but it’s not enough on its own. Please go back to my site and read about the supplements and vitamins that can help you. They work long term, so you can get better. I don’t care if you buy them from my site or somewhere else, I just really want you to feel good for good. 

  21. Tashibaarzu


    Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful and  informative article. You have written about the best cure of depression. People always face depression when they fail to do any task. It is share time face general people.Best cure of depression can make people happy and healthy. You have mentioned how to solve this problem. By taking good food,diet and meditation one can solve it. People need to maintain their mind fresh. Thus they can solve the problem.

    Thank you again for educative and informative article. People can learn a lot of knowledge by reading your article. So I will share the post in my social media.

    • Sam Savage

      Hi there and thank you for the comment.

      I must disagree. Depression does not come from failing to do tasks. It is a physical state of constant sadness, body pain, irritability, feeling lonely, tired and rejected. Good food can help, but we actually take massive doses of supplements to help heal the body. Sometimes we need serious drugs and proffessional counseling. 

      Please accept that I am only correcting your understanding because thousand of people out there also need the information. 

      Blessings to you! 

  22. MD Mamun Hossain

    Thanks for your advice about depression. 

    There was a lot of tension in my life. I am always depressed about my past mistake but after reading your article I realized the mistakes of my’s changed my mindset. Also, your article inspires me. thank you so much. I’ll try to do something in life from now on and I always try to follow your advice. Thank you so much. This is really a common problem in our life but your article really helps people who cannot change their life for depression and do not understand what to do in life. if you give me permission I will share your article with my friends.

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