Gifts for People With Depression and Anxiety

When we visit a friend who is ill, it’s customary to bring a gift to cheer the person up.  Depression is a physical illness, just like many others and so a suitable gift is in order, but what to give?!  As I have depression myself, I admit we can sometimes be a bit sensitive, so its important to pick the right thing! Here is a list of my favorite gifts for people with depression or anxiety.

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1. Mandala Art Colouring books for adults

 Best gifts for people with depression coloring books for adults
The benefits of mandala coloring and why it is a great gift for people with depression?
  • Coloring in is a calming action that helps to stabilize blood pressure
  • It increases creativity and self-awareness
  • Mandalas are a form of art therapy
  • The patterns and repetitive action reduces anxiety and relaxes muscles
  • Mandalas stimulate calming alpha brain waves

2. A Luxome Weighted Blanket

Gifts for people with depression

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Weighted blankets introduce therapeutic pressure that gives off oxytocin and makes the body feel good.

The Luxome blankets provide a calming object which can help the depressed person self soothe. Because the blanket is made of light material, it is not specifically warm, so it is even suitable for summer use.

Often, depression is linked to anxiety and/or insomnia.  The weight of the blanket is very soothing, and helps a person calm down, relax and eventually fall asleep easier.  The Luxome Blankets are specifically designed to ensure an even distribution of weight.

3. A Collection of Herbal Teas

Various Herbal Teas have a calming effect on Anxiety and Depression.  Pick a variety for your depressed friend that you think they would enjoy, and make it for them when you visit.  These following teas are all soothing and most have proven effectiveness.  They make great gifts for people with depression or anxiety.

  • Chamomile Tea has a great flavor and is well known for its calming effects.
  • Green Tea is famous for its health benefits. One of those is L-Theanine which is even used to make calming medication.
  • Passionflower Tea has a modulating effect on GABA receptors, which helps with both anxiety and depression.
  • Lemon Balm Tea has been proven to improve mood and cognitive ability.
  • Rose Tea. Damask Rose tea has been found to be an effective pain killer and effective sleep medication!
  • Peppermint Tea improves mental focus and alertness, as well as tasting great.
  • Valerian Root Tea has been clinically tested to assist with insomnia, Radix Polygalae shows depression-alleviating activities and helps with the secretion of Melatonin.
  • Lavender Tea relieves tension and improves the feeling of depression.Noise

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones from New Bee

For any person who suffers depression or especially anxiety, it is very challenging to find a point of calm concentration.  External noise can become extremely annoying, when you really are trying to concentrate.  These fantastic headphones from New Bee can also be used to listen to music, but for me the best part is that they actively cancel disturbing noise if one just wants peace and quiet.Gifts for people with depression

Why not share more ideas for gifts for people with mental wellness issues?

This list is still way too short and I’m sure my wonderful readers can come up with some great ideas. Leave a comment below if you have some good ones.

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