My best books for mental health

Having a book at hand for reference is sometimes so much better than having to search the internet. These are my best books for mental health, and each of them where a part of my path to sanity. I hope they can do for you what they did for me.

My best books for mental health are:

Top of my list, is this book by Dr Joan Mathews Larson. It takes you through a step by step process to define exactly which type of depression you have, which supplements are best for you, the right foods to improve your mood. It is quite technical, but well worth the study. For many people this book has explained their own condition to them for the first time in a way they could really understand.

Depression Free Naturally, 7 Weeks to eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue and Anger from your Life

This link will take you directly to EBay, where you can purchase the book for yourself. Although many books are available to read online, this is one that you’ll want to own for yourself!


Seven weeks to Sobriety, the proven program to fight alcoholism through nutrition.

Alcohol abuse is a massive cause of both depression and anxiety.  The recovery rate for alcoholics, whether they have therapy or not, is around 20%  With the help of Dr Larson’s program, the possiblity of recovery goes up to higher than 60%.

Many people can’t understand why it is that people undergo a personality change when they’ve been drinking, or why they simply can’t get themselves to stop.  This book gives an answer to these difficult questions, and helps the reader identify what they need to find happiness and peace again. This book saves lives.  For alcoholics that are struggling, or for families and friends that are trying to understand.  An excellent buy.

Food and Mood: Eating your way out of Depression

A book on the best diet for depression

If the doctor treating you for depression sin’t checking your diet… you should be getting another doctor!  One of my favorite books for mental health and wellbeing.

Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH,  has first-hand experience with the connection between food and depression.

Food and Mood: Eating Your Way Out of Depression looks at the many theories and physical causes of depression and explains in easy terms how diet affects one’s mood.

The book is a purposely short read and designed for people who struggle to concentrate. Anyone looking to improve their mood, or prevent depression can get something out of this book.

The Magic

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is a practical 28 day guide to gratitude practice.  It assists us to focus on the positive in our lives, while also helping to create focus.  In my personal experience this book is an essential part of creating a non depressive environment, and manifesting the life we want for ourselves.

Books for mental wellness

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